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Monday, December 28, 2009

Twas the week after Christmas

So how are you feeling on this Monday after Christmas?? Overwhelmed with cleaning and organizing like me? Why in the world do we pack so much in during Christmas break that we are exhausted afterwards?!?! I am serious, WHY? My house is a wreck but filled with all neat things that we received for Christmas (which we are very thankful for) but what do we do with it all? I guess this isn't a very encouraging message today but it's something that is weighing on me so I needed to get it off my chest.

Do you make a new years resolution? Well I haven't spoken one out loud for the past few years but I must admit that in my head I always think weight loss, organization and be on time (my Hubby will love that one). But do I follow through? Not usually. We rush rush rush all year, smack right into Christmas then rush into the new year. Will you join me in slowing down? My husband and I came up with a plan last night to hit one room at a time and not try to tackle the whole house at one time, but it's tough to stay in one room, are any of you that way? I start cleaning or straightening one room then end up in another and after a while the whole house is in chaos... I'm REALLY going to try this one room at a time deal!

As far as the weight loss resolution, well that one is still in my head but honestly I'm depending on God to help me through it. I've asked that He change my heart towards working out and eating right and that He makes both of those things part of my normal routine, although I know it will take a lot of work on my part as well.
Being on time - well I'll put it this way, my Husband has had a watch for years that he actually wears but it says 12:15 ALL THE TIME. It's kinda funny! I got his watch repaired for Christmas and sent him on a hunt to find it. Here's the little riddle that went along with it:

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, Mommy and Abigail were sneaky as a mouse… Daddy thought all was lost but he’ll soon know that we have it all under control.
The stockings were hung, presents under the tree, Abigail and Mommy came up with a clever scheme. Daddy was out shopping while Mommy and Abigail continued their plan, they were excited with visions of Daddy figuring out their scam. Daddy arrived home and called out by name, now Mommy, now Abigail and quickly they came, to greet him at the door so he wouldn’t spoil the surprise, soon he will know that his gift had arrived. With a tree full of presents and Santa Claus too, Abigail’s gift will make Daddy shout WOOHOO! We love you Daddy and want to help you in 2010 to follow through with your resolution to be on time again and again…

So with all this said, I hope you will enter this week with a peace even if your house is a wreck like mine. Tackle one room at a time and take a deep breath as you ease into 2010! Blessings to you all during the New Year!


Danielle said...

I know what you mean with going from room to room. I hate that... but all does get done, it just takes longer.LOL

I am praying earnestly right now that God would show me what my time should be spent on. I have so many ideas and plans... but, I want God to direct.

I pray 2010 brings so many blessings for you, you won't know what to do.;-)

Rejoicing said...

Thanks Danielle, I love when you leave comments! I pray that we will both figure out how to use our time wisely in 2010! BLESSINGS to your fam!

Danielle said...

Hey girl!

I'd love to see a blog post.;-)