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Friday, February 15, 2008

Craziness - do you have days like that?

Today is the kind of day that I just need to go home to a clean house & chill BUT my house isn't clean & I don't have time to chill... what is that all about?!?! God doesn't want this for me. He wants me to take time to rest! He wants me to be refreshed & renewed... God, please remind me that I need to slow down & do things in Your timing, NOT MINE! Lord, be my driver! Thank You for being forgiving & loving me even during these crazy days when I can feel You right beside me saying SLOW DOWN! Thank You Lord for being so patient w/ me. I love You so much! Amen!

For those of you who have too much on your plate like myself & need a day of rest - take it! I have promised myself rest soon but when does soon arrive??? I am doing so much & its all good stuff that I'm doing but its still too much. I recently had a very dear friend & prayer partner encourage me to write all my "things" down & pray over them & ask for clearity from God & that He show me which of the "things" He wants me doing & which ones I'm doing b/c I want to do them or for satisfaction for ME... ME, ME, ME... Its NOT ABOUT ME! Right? It shouldn't be but it often becomes that way!

Ok, so I'm ranted on a bit... I want to slow down but will I??? I'll say that I will try but that's not saying I'm letting God drive is it??? I'm GOING TO let GOD drive... For my praying friends, please pray that I will chill & relax & enjoy God's love!

Happy Friday! HORAH for the weekend as my daughter & I say!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Unscripted Me said...

Yes, HORAH!!!!!!
Slow down, chill, give Him the wheel. Hah-that rhymed! Wait, is that how you spell rhyme? I'm praying...and maybe we need to pray for a "GIRL DAY!" Hooraah.