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Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Listen, I am still trying to understand this blogging thing... As you can tell, I haven't kept up w/ it BUT as I prepare for She Speaks, I am encouraged to get into it & really understand how all this works. At the very least I'll put a post up now & again.

I have been disconnected from my Heavenly Father recently, which is nobody's fault but my own. (I'm very aware of that b/c He is ALWAYS available!) BUT I am very encrouraged this morning... As I prepare for this conference, I am filled w/ so much joy & excitement, I can hardly stand it. I am hopeful for speaking opportunities once I complete She Speaks but more than anything I am excited about seeing God work during this time of preparation & through the duration of the conference. I am already witnessing His work & His ALMIGHTY power through emails, blogs, etc... seeing/hearing from others as to how they are preparing & how God is preparing them is so neat. It has truly encouraged me today!

It's on my heart today to share that if we truly let His work flow it will be perfect. I see that not only is this situation w/ the conference but in all situations, if I would just put me aside & focus on Him everything would go much more smoothly! Why am I such a ding dong sometimes, often times, when I allow me to stop His plan from flowing?!?! Jeremiah 29:11 - My FAVORITE!!!

My brother is an addict to many things, pain killers, alcohol, who knows what else. He recenlty completed a 6 month Christian rehab program. My family was informed yesterday that he had "fallen off the wagon" & what did I do, jumped to conclusions & got all worked up... what should I have done, gotten down on my knees immediately & lifted my bro up!!! God told me in the midst of my rant that if I would be quiet & listen I might actually hear His voice. So I did & He made it very clear to me that He revealed Himself to my bro during rehab & He can - WILL - do it again! Oh praise God! I am more encouraged today, even after hearing that news about my bro. He does know the Lord & God can pick Him right back up.

I'm shutting the door to the enemy today, won't you join me?!?!

Today's heartfelt scripture... Romans 15:13

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Anonymous said...

I found your blog on Lysa's blog. I will be at She Speaks this year as well.

I was particularly drawn in by your story about your brother. I am a recovering drug addict. God used my addiction to His glory and revealed Himself and His magnificence to me in ways I may never have known apart from my horrible addiction. (I wrote about it in my story on my blog. There is also a post called Addiction on my blog that talks about my drug use.)

I will be praying for your brother and your family. Addiction wreaks havoc in the lives of the addict, as well as the family. But God is bigger than His addiction!

Hope to see you at She Speaks!