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Saturday, September 12, 2009

He Spoke

My girlfriend emailed and said she checked out my blog today and didn't see any new post... SO here's a new one... (LOVE YOU MONIKA!)
It's been a month and a half since She Speaks and I am just getting back to writing about it. Why are we so busy people?!?! Honestly, it's taken me this long to process it. I'm sure I'm not the only one that returned from that amazing weekend in awe of God's presence then walked smack dab back into the world. BUT God keeps reminding me that I need to put my thoughts on paper (so to speak)... So here it goes...

I've already shared my message from She Speaks in my earlier post, as a side note I'd like to say thanks to those that gave me feed back at She Speaks and those that posted comments. Feedback is so important, right Lynn??? Now let me share some of the neat things God did while I was at She Speaks. (I'd love for any of you readers to post a comment about some of your experiences at She Speaks if you were there or have been in the past).

I was paired up thanks to Amy Carroll with such a neat roommate that I'd never met before She Speaks but we hit it off perfectly. The first night I was there I met a neighbor from Stantonsburg, NC who became dear to my heart almost instantly. God introduced me to some of the most special women, it constantly blew my mind. I started off the weekend by participating in the early bird women's ministry session which I thoroughly enjoyed, God confirmed His call on my life to minister to women during this session. Throughout the rest of She Speaks I attended informative, encouraging, motivating and, at times, totally hysterical and emotional sessions with amazing P31 women. Lysa TerKurst shared some of the most touching details from her life, she encouraged me to let the walls down and share my heart with the audience. Micca Campbell absolutely cracked me up during her teaching, she knows how to captivate an audience that's for sure!!! I not only learned how to tell a story but also learned what colors look best on me and great stylish tips. Shari Braendel had me rolling when she lead What Not to Wear!!!

I participated in a speaker evaluation group with Lynn Cowell, a P31 speaker. It was such a great experience, nerve wracking but great! I had a migraine when I gave my testimony, sneaky attack from the enemy, but I don't think it was a train wreck, just not my best. I felt great about my speech I presented the second night. I received tones of positive feedback along with some helpful tips. I appreciate my group and Lynn so very much!

I cannot close without sharing how the Holy Spirit worked through She Speaks. Us gals were introduced to each other for a reason, no question. I have been lifted up by so many sisters I met only for a weekend, we continue to stay in touch and love one another from afar. She Speaks is way more then a conference to learn, it is a weekend of worship and a special time to meet with the Holy Spirit! The P31 Team prepared a prayer room which was amazing, they had many names of God spread throughout the room, all of our names were prayerfully placed on a name of God, mine was on Jehovah Shalom - The Lord is Peace. The scriptures listed with it were Numbers 6:22-27, Judges 6:22-24, Isaiah 9:6, Hebrews 13:20, it also stated "God defeats our enemies to bring us peace. Jesus is our prince of peace. God brings inner peace and harmony". Every woman I spoke with about this felt their name was placed exactly where it should be, I felt the same way about mine. During the closing session of She Speaks, we were asked to come up and pick a scripture at the cross. (This part really blew my mind.) I chose Proverbs 19:21 Many are the plans in a man's heart but it is the Lord's purpose that prevails. This is almost exactly like what I believe is my theme verse, Jeremiah 29:11. Confirmation is SUCH A BLESSING! One of my speaker eval group partners was sitting beside me, she said her scripture was just like the one she'd spoken on earlier in the weekend. Another friend said she walked in the closing session overwhelmed with information from the weekend, then she picked her scripture that was on rest and her burden was lifted. I'm so sure every woman in that room picked the scripture placed there specifically for them!

I could go on and on about She Speaks but I'd like to close with a prayer...

Lord, I love you so much! She Speaks was such an amazing experience, thank You for providing the means for me to attend. Thank You for Your Holy Spirit Lord! Thank You for all of the P31 team and their hard work and love for You. Lord You are amazing, I am still in awe of Your presence during She Speaks. I ask a special blessing and protection over all the women that attended, please help them as they are preparing or in the midst of speaking, writing, ministering Your Name! Protect those that are in harms way when they talk about You Lord. Thank You for all my new sisters Lord! In Jesus Name ~ AMEN!


Danielle said...

I still have many notes to go through and CDs that I bought to listen to. God is so amazing to work through a group of women like that and bless so many and in so many different ways.

I don't know if you got my earlier message, but I was wondering if you were the woman who I interrupted while talking to Amy Carroll on Sunday afternoon?

Are you going to be speaking? Is that where you feel God leading you to minister?

Runner Mom said...

Good morning, Christy!! Those memories from She Speaks are just precious to my heart! I so loved it! God is soooo good!

I have the book by Stormie O'Martian as well...it is great! One that you might like for your daughter is by Jodi Berndt is "Praying The Scriptures for your Children". I used this for Moms in Touch--praying weekly with other moms for our kids in school. I know your daughter is still young, but this is a great resource!!

Time for my Bible study, and I'm still in pajamas!! Need to grab a running hat and skeedattle!!

Love ya,